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Sonia See - April 3, 2016

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Sonia See - April 3, 2016

Shadowhunters Redeems Itself

Sonia See - April 3, 2016

Some shows require more than a few episodes to find their voice and Shadowhunters proved to be one of these shows. Following the disastrous review that the series received from its first few episodes, it was only fair to give it another go. Everybody has to be allowed room for improvement.

With the CGI remaining semi-horrible and McNamara failing to match the drastic amelioration of the rest of the cast, Shadowhunters managed to pull a surprising comeback at its midseason. It was clear that the cast got comfortable in their role. They were very much in line with the essence of the characters from the book, which made the deviations [the show took] work.


(Photo: Freeform) The flawless Magnus and …Clary.

Alberto Rosende deserves a considerable amount of praise for his consistency in the portrayal of Simon. Similarly, Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus Bane highlights every scene he is in. Needless to say that Malec (Magnus + Alec) steals the show’s romantic arc, proving to be a million times more interesting than the main act. Matthew Daddario and Emeraude Toubia offer some beautiful brother-sister scenes, embracing the relationship between Alec and Isabelle. The pool of new characters introduced heightens the show – something that it desperately needed. Isaiah Mustafah gets some well-deserved screen time, where he is allowed to expand on Luke’s character. Lastly, the simple fact that they decreased the amount of white powder on Raphael’s face turned him into a more believable character. One no longer laughs at him but with him.

One major issue that the show struggles with – foreseen to be carried to the future – is the lack of credibility of the main character. Since everything we seem to be able to focus on is Clary’s heavy sighs and flaring nostrils, it takes away from paying attention to the scene. It is uncertain whether McNamara cannot act or whether she has a wrong interpretation of Clary. She overacts practically every scene and viewers have a difficult time sympathizing with her character. Along with her is Dominic Sherwood.


(Photo: Freeform) Clary and Jace – something just does not work.

The ambiguity in Dominic Sherwood’s acting is that it is fine when he is around everybody but McNamara/Clary – it is unsure whether her acting brings him down. However, he has been growing very steadily as the show progresses.

Shadowhunters owes its thank yous to the concept creators – the storyline is interesting enough to pull viewers in for a second season. The same cannot be said for whoever writes the dialogues for it is lacking in far too many ways than I can count. Aside from the few exceptions, the lines usually fall flat.

Quick Cents

The Good
♠ Major improvement from most of the characters.
♠ Interesting direction to the show.
♠ Keeps you interested enough to be around for Season 2.

The Bad
♠ McNamara still cannot act.
♠ The CGI remains bad.
♠ The show is still soapy and cheesy.

Where to Watch
Freeform: TUE 9/8c or online.
♠ Hulu: HuluPlus subscription required for current episodes.
♠ Amazon Instant Video: Episodes available for purchase.

Rating: 5/10 ¢


    1. I am glad I’m not the only one. I thought it’d be only fair if I gave the show a second chance – everybody got better save for her.
      I wish they would recast her …but they won’t.

    1. Haha I gave up on it but then I went through a period of not having anything to watch – so I’m not sure whether my judgement is skewed by the lack of good TV ahahaha

    1. Haha thank you! I’m still trying to get a hang of it hah ..still not used to waking up early and sleeping early thing

  1. I totally agree! Hated the show at the beginning, but since my friends forced me to watch more.. it improved.. Apart from Clary of course. Also Jace isn’t nearly as sassy and funny as in the books, but still more bearable than McNamara.

    1. I hate watched this show until episode 7, then things got slightly better. Jace is …bland. Yes. He is the definition of bland.

      1. That is so true! And he is being so sweet with Clary, taking her hand, being all worried about her.. Where is the arrogant, pretending to not care Jace everyone loved?

  2. Hey! I’ve nominated u for a Leibster award an’ I hope u check out my blog post ‘I’m a nominee!’ for more details. Keep posting those fascinating reviews, btw! (I haven’t heard o’ some of those shows, but now I’m eager to watch em coz o’ your reviews! ) B-D

  3. Ugh I love this show! But I definitely have to agree with the Clary thing…I knew something was off about her I just couldn’t pin point it! Alec is a sex bomb though bahahaha.

      1. Not gonna lie though i’m pretty jealous of her hair hahaha, that’s like the only thing she’s got going for her right now :’)

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