As much as I love writing reviews, I will always be a novelist at heart. Currently, you can find two of my projects on Wattpad — I am pretty busy with my day job, so updates are not that frequent.

b l a c k h e a r t


Quick Summary: Badass killer princess chases after evil sorcerer to stop him from killing everyone.

Pretty generic, right? That’s probably because I am terrible at describing my own work. On a serious note, Blackheart is a young/new adult fantasy with some of my favourite character + world creations. It’s full of magic, dresses, castles, young love, and of course evil sorcerers. If you’re into all that jazz, check it out on Wattpad and leave some comments here and there so I can say hello.



g a m e s • h e • p l a y s


Quick Summary: Girl likes boy who kind of likes her but is afraid of commitment, so they play these games that take a wrong turn.

Why am I so bad at writing one line summaries? Guess we’ll never know. I keep going back and forth on the direction of this story, but it’s out there and I will update it sometime before the year ends! Games He Plays, formerly known as Oblivion, is a new adult romance novel. I am a fantasy writer, so this novel is pretty much an out-of-genre practice for me. If you wanna see what that is all about, it’s on Wattpad, too.