Red Queen: A Brutally Honest Review

Sonia See - March 5, 2016

Ever so often, books are so excellent that they speak for themselves from the very first pages. The first few lines draw the reader in while the chapters grip the reader making them stay till the end. These are some of the characteristics of a good book. Red Queen, unfortunately, does not possess any of that. Before I continue, I should explain the format of …

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Was Masterchef Season 6 Rigged?

Sonia See - March 3, 2016

Half a year later, Masterchef Season 6 made its way onto my screen. Speak of lack of things to watch! Masterchef is a cooking show, starring the “ruthless” Gordon Ramsay, where home cooks fight their way to winning a quarter of a million dollars, a cookbook and the Masterchef trophy (and obviously title). Contestants typically go through four events: The Mystery Box Challenge. Contestants haven’t …

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