Sonia See Reviews Throne of Glass

Throne of Glass: A Spoiler-Free Review

Eighteen-year-old Celaena Sardothien, the world’s greatest assassin, is sentenced to hard labor in the salt mines of Endovier. One day, she is pulled aside and is made an offer that is too hard to refuse: She is to serve as the Crown Prince’s champion in the upcoming competition to find a new champion/assassin for the […]

Poster for the Tv Show, the family

The Family Is off to a Clever Start

Last week, ABC unleashed a silent bomb with the premiere of The Family. The show is about Adam Warren, an 8-year-old boy, who goes missing while his mother campaigns for City Council. After the confession of the next door neighbor, the family comes to terms that their child is dead until a decade after the […]

Review of Quantico the Tv Show by Sonia See

Quantico Sets out to Break Stereotypes

Set amidst flashbacks and present time, Quantico tells the story of FBI Agent Alex Parrish, wrongly accused of carrying out a terrorist act. She escapes the FBI’s custody and is on the run to find out which of her former classmates set her up. The show is divided between her time as an FBI trainee […]

Sonia See reviews The Real O'Neals

‘The Real O’Neals’ Struggles to Fit In

The network that brought on a plethora of TV shows embracing diversity (Fresh Off The Boat, Blackish, and The Goldbergs) adds on a brand new sitcom about a very religious Irish-American family whose lives seem perfect until one night, where the entire family decides to confess their secrets. The parents (Plimpton and Ferguson) are getting […]

Sonia See Reviews Red Queen

Red Queen: A Brutally Honest Review

Ever so often, books are so excellent that they speak for themselves from the very first pages. The first few lines draw the reader in while the chapters grip the reader making them stay till the end. These are some of the characteristics of a good book. Red Queen, unfortunately, does not possess any of […]

Masterchef Season 6 Review

Was Masterchef Season 6 Rigged?

Half a year later, Masterchef Season 6 made its way onto my screen. Speak of lack of things to watch! Masterchef is a cooking show, starring the “ruthless” Gordon Ramsay, where home cooks fight their way to winning a quarter of a million dollars, a cookbook and the Masterchef trophy (and obviously title). Contestants typically […]

iZombie review by Sonia See

iZombie is an Unlikely Superhero

While the majority of movies and TV series emphasize on an impending zombie apocalypse and insist on teaching the world a million ways how not to die during one, iZombie offers a witty zombie who helps save lives. The show explores an intelligent kind of zombie: one who has brains and eats brains. Olivia “Liv” […]